Reveal and Heal

Documenting culture, one layer at a time.

My artistic process changed 5 years ago when I struggled to express a narrative on canvas. I found myself ripping, sanding, over-painting, cutting into the layers of paint and imagery that had collected on the surface.

Nothing was off-limits. Nothing.

Sometimes with intuitive calculus, other times only with intention.

Armed with pens, inks, acrylics, chalk, pure pigment powder, palette knife, sand paper, new and used brushes, a respirator and gloves when necessary. What was revealed became my arrival to the process of "reveal and heal." It is nothing short of excavating the present language that is allowing itself to be expressed. From the surface to through pigmented layers of culture.One layer at a time. Digging deep, deconstructing the visual noise.

My art brings dialog and I am energized by its effects on those who view it in person.
They come closer to “double-take” at the surface language as it folds, tears and hides before their eyes... and they become voyeurs with discovery.

I would love to introduce my artwork. Reach out... send me an email.